Cycling crackdown

'I feel he should lead by example since he wants to crack down on all cyclists.'
One officer was photographed in Central Park issuing a criminal court summons for disobeying a sign, next to a sign that clearly marked the path as open to bicycles.
"The NYPD is wasting time writing garbage summonses, all of which should be dismissed, when there's important work to do to make our streets safe."
Police on the Upper West Side are focusing attention on cyclists, who have caused exactly zero traffic fatalities so far in 2014.
Alec Baldwin is an apparent victim of the NYPD's never-ending Cycling Crackdown.
New York City cyclists can't escape the ticketing blitz in New Jersey
"$1,500 seems pretty excessive, especially for a 24-year-old where $1,500 is a little less than 10% of my yearly income," the cyclist tells us.
Do NYPD officers despise cyclists, or just think they're filthy savages who must be kept in their place to protect civilized society?
The NYPD was vague about whether an officer threatened to ticket a cyclist for riding while wearing a skirt, but we have a new theory about what happened. And it involves time-travelling bluecoats from 1899.
A Dutch woman was berated by an officer for cycling while wearing a skirt last spring. The officer was allegedly terrified of the potentially blinding power of her bare female skin!
A young Queens Councilman has nightmares about bike lanes, and tells a cycling advocate to get a life.
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