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The city tracked cyclists crossing DOT-owned bridges, the Manhattan, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Queensboro, and Pulaski bridges, as well as Prospect Park West and Kent Avenue bike lanes.

Alejandro Santos is the sixth pedestrian or cyclist killed on Third Avenue since 2019.

"The mayor's lack of action has deadly implications on our city and our streets."

Citi Bike is expanding to Mott Haven, Port Morris and Melrose later this year.

Of course, the law (and proper NYC bike etiquette) requires that cyclists yield to pedestrians.

Citi Bike is installing docks at 85 new locations in Bushwick and Ridgewood this fall.

'There's no emergency! Nothing is happening! I'm looking around, there's no terrorist threat. There's just you guys jerking off and doing nothing but standing here staring at me!'

The city announced that they will finish the bulk of the work on the two-way bike lane between 61st Street and 1st Street in 'the fall of 2019.'