Cy vance

The two charges — eavesdropping and computer trespass — each carry a maximum of four years in jail.
The Manhattan DA is investigating at least one Manhattan incident mentioned in the NY Attorney General's report on Cuomo's misconduct. The Westchester District Attorney has also requested materials.
The New York Attorney General's office had originally been involved in a civil investigation into the former president's company.
The DA will continue to prosecute crimes such as sex trafficking and paying for the services of sex workers.
The Manhattan DA's sweeping move, once enacted, will represent one of the largest conviction purges in state history.
Critics had questioned the three-term D.A.'s commitment to addressing racial disparities in the criminal justice system.
The order marks a deathblow to the former president's efforts to shield his financial records from an ongoing criminal investigation.
Robert Hadden was indicted on federal charges for sexually abusing his patients.
Body camera footage shows officers punching, pepper-spraying, and forcibly holding a man down on the ground while searching his belongings.
A separate subpoena brought by House Democrats was sent back to lower courts — likely buying the president enough time to ensure Americans don't have access to his tax records until after the election this November.
Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has opened an investigation into new claims against former doctor Robert Hadden.
“There’s a long history of DA Vance’s office failing to effectively prosecute other powerful white men."
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