King Cobras are among the most poisonous snakes on the planet, according to National Geographic.
"Although it is heartening, those people are still detained."
Welcome to New York!
As of this week, the federal government has declared all hoverboards unsafe.
The entire bottle's worth has an estimated street value of $27,000.
They were "inadvertently directed," according to American Airlines.
More than 2,000 counterfeit bills were seized in JFK after customs officials found them stuffed in some chintzy crap.
Inspectors at JFK noticed that the handle rails on his suitcase were "unusually thick."
One of the shoe racks featured the Power Rangers.
Customs says they didn't destroy instruments, just fresh bamboo, which is prohibited.
Two Bronx women traveling from the Dominican Republic were arrested at JFK for carrying 6.5 kilos of cocaine in "diapers" made of duct tape.
Bolivian Marching Powder, Columbian Bam Bam, Peruvian Lady–there are a lot of nationalized nicknames for cocaine but maybe we need to add another: Trinidadian Toblerone.
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