Customer service

According to the guidance, "PAPD (Port Authority Police Department) will not assist in the physical removal of the passenger."
Starbucks baristas really know how to put a customer in line!
Only 16% of transactions were completed at the kiosks in 2010, down from 22% three years ago.
Last week, a reader wrote us to relate her bedbug tale of woe—but as we heard from Sleepy's COO, Adam Blank: "She has been taken care of completely, and now she's a happy Sleepy's customer."
Guess what—waiting around for the cable guy to arrive has just
Isn't is nice how airlines continue to come up with new ways
The Brooklyn resident whose name caused him $2.1 million of trouble is
After talk of flight caps to help ease airport congestion that leave
On the heels of the recent fare increase approval, it has
A look at some noteworthy television this week: Art in the Twenty-First
Lauren Weedman's memoir, A Woman Trapped in a Woman's Body, isn't the
Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city was prepared for the possible
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