Curtis sliwa

Only 23% of eligible voters cast ballots in the Nov. 2 election, the lowest recorded turnout compared to records since 1953.
The debate was mostly a retread of the first debate, but Sliwa swung wildly and hard.
Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa will spar one last time on Tuesday night in a one-hour debate.
Adams maintained his composure and stuck to his script while Sliwa portrayed him as an ally of Mayor Bill de Blasio and a politician with ties to the wealthy.
Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa will face off in the first of two official debates.
The Republican nominee for mayor, who's been in the public eye for four decades, says he's "not disappearing" anytime soon.
"He's getting in my face, so I put up my arm and leg to maintain six feet [for social distancing]. He performs some kind of karate kick on me."
Some TV segments and PSAs on the crack epidemic in 1980s NYC.
"He's a crying kid, and I gotta find that sneaker."
Curtis Sliwa's current wife is Melinda Katz, the former Council member running for Queens Borough President.
An odyssey 18 years in the making.
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