The suspects were allegedly cursing and acting disorderly.
For one Catholic high school in NJ, only the girls are forced to take a no cursing pledge, because in their hearts it is still 1952, and "We want ladies to act like ladies."
With Hurricane Sandy weeks past—though distinctly still with us—stories about how things did or didn't happen in the storm's immediate aftermath are now really starting to come in.
Do the Play and Giggle dolls really say "crazy b*tch," or are parents hearing things?
Residents who live around the Star Nissan on 172nd street in Flushing have lodged complaints about early morning deliveries, air horns, and loud equipment.
You can buy an F-Bomb Sure, airplane passengers have been thrown
Dominique Sharpton with dad Rev. Al Sharpton's ex-wife and daughter are
An NYPD spokesman this weekend cleared up a common curiosity: cursing
Cursing on the job is a hazard for not just TV newscasters.
Sure, the stress and time pressures of the kitchen inevitably spark infernos
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