Those who opposed the curfew said they were intentionally barred from entering the meeting.
After a year in which some quality of life concerns took a back seat, the NYPD appears to be cracking down on park activity, including the impromptu gatherings that served as a lifeline for many in the last year.
Your last call for alcohol will be around midnight.
The curfew order in Newark may be a sign of what lies ahead for other parts of the state dealing with virus outbreaks.
This is the first New York City district attorney to reject charges related to Mayor de Blasio's curfew.
Many of the 1,349 New Yorkers who still have open criminal summonses solely for violating de Blasio’s curfew were physically detained for hours by the police.
"You each have the authority to prosecute, decline to prosecute, or dismiss all the cases within your jurisdictions, including summons prosecutions. We ask you to exercise that discretion."
"It was 17 hours for a curfew that we could have potentially avoided if they let us go. We were never given that chance."
One man says officers whispered racial slurs in his ear, dragged him outside, and beat him while handcuffed.
Mayor Bill de Blasio is lifting the citywide 8 p.m. curfew one day early.
Despite its long protest tradition, New York City has not had a curfew in more than half a century.
The curfew will be three hours earlier than Monday's.
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