Curb your enthusiasm

Succession, The White Lotus, I Think You Should Leave, Yellowjackets, The Other Two, and the best TV shows of 2021.
'Flowers, balloons, Larry David, what could be better?!'
"There was a lot of stuff that even as an avid fan, I didn't know about before."
There is no curbing my enthusiasm about this news.
What if Topher Grace were still on TV today?
The two sides are locked in "a veritable falafel fatwa."
Larry David took to the stripper couch for a long and engaging chat with Howard Stern this week that touched upon David's whole career.
It's worth watching just to see that twinkling Larry smile.
It's pretty, pretty, pretty good stuff.
Larry David wrote a comedic op-ed in the Times this weekend nominally about Boston marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's relationship with his mother. And it's kind of strange.
Inspired by his turn on last week's Curb Your Enthusiasm, we take a look at some of Mayor Bloomberg's other notable roles.
In the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David offends Michael J. Fox and gets kicked out of New York.
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