Be forewarned before taking a bit bite: there's ice cream involved.
Behold the Crozel and the Baissant!
All they needed were some Dippin' Dots and reality television.
RIP cupcakes (finally).
The machine dispenses cupcakes at $3.75-a-pop and is stocked with fresh cupcakes regularly until 2 a.m.
If you've long-suspected that all those cutesy cupcake shops popping up across town were really just a ploy by the sweets industry to help criminals rob you blind, you may be right.
It's Friday; let's get drunk on baked goods.
How did it take us so long to get here?
You know what goes great with shopping deals? Free cupcakes.
Unable to continue paying the $10,000 a month rent for the coveted real estate outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, organic cupcake vendor Cake & Shake has bowed out of their 5-year contract with the city.
Furiously chewing your fingernails to the bone won't make those 24-hour cupcake ATM machines come any faster to NYC—so tie yourself over with some free cupcakes courtesy of Sweetery today.
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