The machine dispenses cupcakes at $3.75-a-pop and is stocked with fresh cupcakes regularly until 2 a.m.
Vendors who pay the city hundreds of thousands to sell outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art are upset at the "rent-a-vets" horning in on their territory.
Cupcake vodka—it exists. We don't really need to tell you more,
If there's one thing we've been thinking about during this whole
Iconic plastic couple Ken and Barbie broke up ages ago, back
Cupcake shop Butter Lane (whose cupcakes are the best thing Ted
Cupcake ecstasy (Dan Dickinson's Flickr) Professional competitive eaters are having a
The city won't allow cupcakes to be sold at school bake
Photograph by Sacha Lecca Reader Sacha sent us this photo of
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