The plea is part of a campaign aimed at reversing decades of disinvestment from CUNY.
A vaccine mandate faces one legal hurdle, but then the decision is mainly up to Governor Cuomo.
"The public does not know which agencies and authorities had money withheld, and how much was withheld. That's super important, because they're going into this budget on the legislature side, blind."
The donation from Jeff Bezos's ex-wife is one of the largest in CUNY's history.
Avoiding legislative oversight, funds are simply not being allocated. Technically CUNY has merely received 80 percent of its state funding—which translates to a 20 percent reduction.
"We cannot put the entire city at risk by allowing COVID rates to rise."
A day after a CUNY student was kicked out of a contentious community board meeting, her college moved to suspend her.
Enrollment of new international students at U.S. universities is projected to decline between 63% to 98%, researchers say.
One adjunct said he was laid-off a month before he stopped teaching.
Last month, Columbia and New York University said in-person classes could occur as early as the fall with safety measures in place, including reduced density.
“We must continue to use the time available to us to prepare for a primarily virtual Fall 2020 in which only a small fraction of courses and support services would be offered in-person."
"You’re going to decimate the schools. Seriously, who suffers? Ultimately who suffers on this? The students."
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