Mayor de Blasio said that City Artist Corps is going to "help bring the streets in New York City alive with arts and culture this summer."
City Artist Corps is a new recovery program aimed at hiring over 1,500 artists to create works throughout the city this summer.
"If we can't survive, they're basically killing the golden goose.”
One report from this summer estimated a 61% employment drop for workers in arts, entertainment, and recreation.
In which the raccoons become the highlight of a person's week, and the best live entertainment there is in town.
"New York is very much still alive... and if you're a New Yorker who left you should come back. We wanted to remind people why we love NYC so much."
The news has provoked a deep sense of mourning and nostalgia for both the show and the city's eroding arts and culture scene.
As an ensemble cast of semi-ambitious young white people trying to make it in New York City, Rachel and Ross and Phoebe and Joey and Monica and Chandler were ultimately able to live in delusion and thrive in ways that black and brown people never could or can.
From concerts to chili cook-offs, nature walks to art openings, November in New York City has more than enough going on to keep you busy.
Every copy of the May issue of Art in America magazine comes with a free Jasper Johns print AND a side of fries.
For this coffee shop roundup, we've selected some of our favorites in their respective neighborhoods, judging on all-around coffee quality, atmosphere and style.
Here are some photos of what connection-percolating looks like!
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