According to a preliminary investigation, the unnamed driver "lost control" of his vehicle.
The girls were just two blocks from Robert H. Goddard middle school in Ozone Park.
"They all ran from the accident," a witness said about the suspects in the incident.
No charges have been filed against the driver.
He faces as many as seven years in prison.
Albany lawmakers have agreed to Governor's Cuomo plan to create the most expansive DNA database in the country. In the future when you are convicted of a crime, expect to give a DNA sample.
If Governor Cuomo has his way anyone convicted of a crime in New York, no matter how minor, will have to submit their DNA to a statewide database.
Corey Holmes, the 39-year-old man who died after a strange scuffle with an NYPD officer on the College of Staten Island campus yesterday had been working at the CUNY school's cafeteria for ten years.
Details of the incident, which involved a struggle between the man and a police officer outside a toilet by the College of Staten Island's athletic facility, are still very murky.
Ted Danson has accepted the role of CRIME FIGHTER on C.S.I., but don't worry, he's not leaving Bored to Death.
In a pretty amazing piece of he said/she gossip CSI's Marg Helgenberger calls Justin Bieber a "brat," he calls her "pretty lame."
CBS Last week, we joked that with the NFL in lockdown
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