Crystal meth

One of the defendants thought a Yonkers apartment wouldn't have the proper ventilation to make the meth.
Police say they found meth, marijuana, drug scales, and a credit card skimmer, among other things.
It may be blue, but it's the bomb!
The NYPD thought Jolly Ranchers were Crystal Meth and now we're all paying for the mistake.
It seems the NYPD may have overstepped its bounds just a tad when they arrested a Brooklyn man for Jolly Rancher possession.
The meth has a street value of $960,000 while the four-and-half kilos of heroin is worth over a million.
Initially, the fed were just looking at the smuggling of counterfeit goods but then they "uncovered an alleged scheme to import 50 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine."
Everybody knows that when there's a sock on the doorknob, that means "cooking crystal meth," and you must leave them be.
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