Greenidge Generation, the natural gas-fueled facility, is supposed to close under the decision. But its owners plan to keep operating, as they fight for an appeal.
Two Cornell University researchers showed Monday that much of the review could be conducted in less than a week with free online tools.
The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation announced this week it will yet again delay its decision on the Finger Lakes power plant that runs a profitable bitcoin mining operation.
Depending on who you ask, the mayor’s belief in crypto is either foolish hype or brilliant branding.
Since spring 2020, the Greenidge Generation natural gas plant in Dresden has powered a 24-7 bitcoin mining operation that is endangering the region environmentally, according to some residents.
Bitcoin is on pace to consume about as much electricity this year as all the homes in the mid-Atlantic states. Most of this energy comes from non-renewable sources.
Three would-be crypto-millionaires who attempted an alleged kidnapping involving a fake Uber driver and a volatile digital currency were indicted on Tuesday.
What are they and how do they work?
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