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And other alternatives to sitting on your couch with a pillow over your face.

Thanks, de Blasio.

How to cry, where to cry, all of your crying questions ANSWERED.

In the most Tom Waits-esque version of "Like A Virgin" ever, Madonna suffers from a scripted breakdown.

Kristen Wiig wasn't the only one tearing up last night as she was given an emotional farewell by the SNL cast and crew—below, take a look at a small sampling of this outpouring of grief.

Americo Lopes won $38.5 million from Mega Millions, but still got his friends to fix his driveway for free.

Some Jets reportedly are chomping at the bit for Manning to come to NY: “I want him in New York. He needs to be a Jet,” one prominent Jets player told the News.

You shouldn't get so annoyed at your girlfriend for crying about everything, because it turns out there's a biological reason behind those tears.

A petty larceny suspect escaped from a TriBeCa police station last