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The Center For Disease Control says there are no indications that passengers on the Anthem of the Seas ever traveled to Hubei Province prior to the 12 day cruise out of Cape Liberty.

A necropsy performed on a 45-foot-long sei whale found dead in New York Harbor on Monday showed that the creature suffered blunt-force trauma.

As you can imagine, passengers took the three and a half hour delay docking in NYC completely in stride: "People were at each other's throats."

Cruise ship vs. wooden pier: who will win?!

Last night the new Disney cruise ship Fantasy made its New York debut. Lots of folks showed up, including Neil Patrick Harris doing a Disney-ribbing dance number.

A video taken by a passenger of the Costa Concordia shows a member of the ship's staff asking everyone to remain calm and return to their cabins or remain in the lounges.

"We had no idea how serious it was until we got out and we looked through the window. We saw the water coming closer and closer."

On Friday, the Coast Guard noticed a hole in the hull