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The state Legislature has unanimously passed legislation in both chambers banning the possession, sale, trade and distribution of shark fins, which are considered a delicacy in some circles.
Answer: not much!
The Post is not going to let its readers forget that generosity is for suckers.
Homeless advocacy groups say the families are being turned away from shelters, even when the temperature drops below freezing.
This video uploader may think their cruel little 4 train video is fair warning of the CONSEQUENCES of falling asleep on the subway. But really, it only proves how horrible they are.
Yesterday a Virginia couple, Kelly Respess and Paul Kercheval, tied the
Police broke up an alleged dogfighting operation in the Tremont section of
A 23-year-old animal groomer in Brooklyn is facing charges of animal cruelty
In recent weeks both a man and a woman have been charged
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