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"Williamsburg's 'Appetite for Construction' meant that a sprawling backyard like Crown Vic's couldn't last," the bar's owners said in a statement.

Schumer also celebrated his father's 90th birthday at Peter Luger's last night. Maybe they ended up at The Woods?

It's time to evaluate all those backyard drinking spots that have been hidden behind our favorite bars all winter.

It's ridiculously nice out today—and thankfully, there are plenty of bars that will be serving drinks outdoors tonight. Below, we've compiled a list of some we especially like.

Here are a few more bars where you can escape February's grip and raise a warm glass to March.

To some, they're gas-guzzling relics of an antiquated past. To others, they're

Car makers are flocking to the city with the New York

As our President is "trying" to work on the growing crisis

The British can be cutting edge with their sense of humor and

The Taxi and Limousine Commission has given the okay to introduce hybrid