He is set to be sentenced to seven years in prison and five years probation.
Prosecutors are charging him with murder and gun possession.
A source tells the Post that there's been an increase in fights among Crips and Trinitario gang members because the Correction Department began housing the two together in the same detention center.
Besides the Bad Barbies, other factions of the Trinitarios include the "Bad Boys," "El Combo," "Violating All Bitches," and the "One Seven Hoes."
After charming him, Normal Bob got an interview with Union Square bully Tyrone, who revealed that he believes he is a moral vigilante doing "god's work" by fighting people. Watch it below.
"The park is deteriorating, because the city refuses to assign enforcement and NYPD around the clock," NYC Park's Advocate Geoffrey Croft told us. "This criminal element is preventing the general public from enjoying it."
The NYPD busted up a "Crips Holiday" that was promoted on Twitter by gang members.
An alleged member of the Crips is on trial for murder
Rapper Lil Eazy-E with a self described member of the Bloods
The Post's rantin' Steve Cuozzo is in rare form today with
It seems that rival drug crews are not only sharing lookouts
Brandon Bethea The tragic murder of 15-year-old Brandon Bethea triggered the
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