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Prosecutors said Rebecca Hillman ignored a detainee as he threatened to take his own life and he died in his cell. She could face up to four years in prison.

Prosecutors say the captain told a guard not to go into the cell, because she claimed the detainee was "faking it."

She admitted to pulling out the plug of her fiance's kayak in 2015.

One of the victim's mother said, "How did this judge come to this conclusion on every single count? It's disgraceful."

The Brooklyn man whose reckless driving apparently led to a passenger's death and another's arm to be amputated told cops, "I let you guys catch me."

The Daily News has the depressing grief-stricken words of an 11-year-old

Honda minivan (WABC 7) The 16-year-old driver who crashed into a

The owner of a building site at 791 Glenmore Avenue in