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The Inside Criminal Justice course gives assistant district attorneys the chance to learn from those on the receiving end of justice.

The yearslong investigation is supposed to be released this year, the Department of Investigation commissioner previously said.

They call the listing of suspected gang members' names, also known as the Criminal Group Database, part of a failed "toolbox" that harms Blacks and Latinos.

Jose Alba will not face a charge of murder in the second degree, following an investigation by the DA's office.

Jagger Freeman was unarmed and outside when police responded to an attempted robbery and fired 44 shots, killing one of their own. Because he acted as the lookout, Freeman was convicted of the officer's murder.

The state Attorney General’s Office sent letters to landlords who were in apparent violation of new law

The plan would make significant changes to the state’s bail, discovery and Raise the Age reforms.

The Democratic governor sent a 10-point public-safety plan to state lawmakers this week.

A passage opening Ernest Hemingway’s 1936 short story “On The Blue Water" is currently inscribed on the wall of the 71st precinct in Crown Heights and reads, “Those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

Tarz Youngblood died in custody this year — the first Rikers death on Mayor Eric Adams' watch. His wife said the jail failed to keep him safe.