Criminal intent

Patti Smith will play a Columbia professor on tomorrow's Law & Order: Criminal Intent—the one based on the failures of the Spider-Man musical!
The Times has a piece on Law & Order: Criminal Intent,
photosbydavid's flickr There's been no lack of mocking headlines and critical
It took jurors less than five hours long to find "superfan"
Accused stalker Nagel, with Erbe We thought the whole stalking saga
Actor Roy Scheider died yesterday at the University of Arkansas for Medical
We were catching up with Law & Order: Criminal Intent tonight and
Darren Starr’s Sex in the City like Cashmere Mafia was set to
A look at some noteworthy television this week: The War: A Ken
This might be the first time a British actor has played a
Chung chung! NBC and producer Dick Wolf have hashed out a
Tonight's episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent features its ripped-from-the-headlinse take
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