Crime statistics

Other metrics the police cited as affecting crime were even less quantifiable, like the protests that "crushed the morale of our cops."
"We don't have somebody moving around the subway system randomly slashing multiple victims," Bratton insisted.
"That's like an assassination attempt, shooting him that many times through the driver's side door."
There will be more uniformed and plainclothes cops.
According to the Times, "Police officers said that it was common for supervisors.. to dictate to police officers how to classify a crime."
"The transfer is in retaliation," Sergeant Borrelli insists. "They brought me up on bullshit charges."
Did you know that if you're groped, cops don't care? Or if someone suddenly enters your house, it's not a crime?
The number of reported rapes in New York is on the rise, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the number of rapes in New York has risen.
erinmelina's flickr Complaints by cops who allege that higher-ups have been
sea kay's flickr After many reports of crime stat manipulation by
Image from the city's "Be Careful About Who Cares for Your
Yesterday, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly announced the formation of a new
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