Creators project

Björk is setting up shop in Manhattan and Queens next month.
We ran around to cover Saturday's music highlights at the Creators Project in DUMBO.
We ask the French electronic duo JUSTICE the most pressing questions of our day.
Hoards of leather jackets and good looking people smoking cigarettes journeyed to the waterfront to catch some stellar live music and take in seriously trippy art.
Karen O brings her psycho opera to DUMBO tonight, and tickets are still available!
The Creators Project is bringing Karen O's opera, David Bowie's art, and so much more to DUMBO this month.
Among other things, Stripe raves about his Tumblr site ("when do you see that many Yoko Ono's in one place?") and the enduring legacy of punk rock ("christmas lights all year round").
Karen O reveals some details about her upcoming "Psycho Opera" in Brooklyn.
The Creators Project is taking over DUMBO for a week in October, and they're bringing Karen O and her opera with them.
Musical performances, art installations, film screenings, panel discussions, and a host of
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