Until a change in state law in June, they were only in operation from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays.
Brian Boyd, a 26-year-old Upper West Side resident, was arrested on Thursday and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash and failure to yield to a pedestrian.
Kessler, who was engaged to be married, had been on the force for nine months.
She lived only a few blocks from where she was struck.
Two women were seriously injured on Second Avenue yesterday afternoon when a motorist drove up onto the sidewalk and ran them over.
This Times pundit wants a "hellbent, maniacal ride."
Here's video of the aftermath.
November saw more cyclist and pedestrian deaths than any month since January of 2012.
Will Vision Zero, a Swedish initiative that strives to not just reduce, but eliminate traffic deaths altogether, actually become a reality?
Two people were killed in separate car crashes in Queens and The Bronx last night.
An NYPD representative told us they had no information on the crash, despite another spokesman giving us details yesterday, so it's unclear if there is any criminality suspected.
The NYPD's press office said no criminality is suspected at this time, but that the incident is still under investigation.
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