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The plan would involve an immediate – but temporary – two block expansion of the Open Street between 27th and 29th Street, as well as an accelerated timeline for adding bike lanes and loading zones between Herald and Madison Square.

Footage of the incident shows a vehicle in flames at the corner of Prospect Park West and Prospect Park Southwest.

The vehicle then struck a metal fence, two garbage dumpsters, and a retaining wall, before finally coming to a stop against a wall of the Sunrise assisted living facility.

Seven people were injured, including two children, after a chain-reaction crash in Midtown, Manhattan decimated an outdoor dining structure and sent debris flying onto the sidewalk.

Reports of drag racing and speeding have surged since the start of the coronavirus crisis, a trend that some have attributed to the lack of traffic on city streets at the beginning of lockdown.

A woman was hospitalized after a hit-and-run driver rammed into an outdoor dining area in Greenpoint on Thursday — the second time this week that an out-of-control motorist has crashed into a restaurant's outdoor space.

“All of a sudden this whole tenting started coming [down] like a row of dominoes."

Her death appears to be the first fatality of a Revel rider since the scooter-sharing company arrived in New York City two summers ago

“You see cars flying, motorcycles, loud exhausts, BMWs, Mustangs, just guys going to town."