Crane collapse

Apparently the hydraulic system of the crane failed.
Two people were killed today after a crane collapse in Queens.
Four people sustained minor injuries related to the collapse.
It brought traffic on the bridge to a complete standstill.
David Wichs was on his way to work on February 5th when he was killed in the crane collapse that injured three other people.
Thomas O'Brien, 73, suffered fractures to his spine and skull when the crane crushed the car he was sitting in.
Mayor de Blasio stressed that "no building is worth a person's life."
Bay Crane has been sued at least five times over accidents in the last four years.
There were two fatal crane collapses in 2008, and have been several others in the last few decades.
A crane collapsed this morning in Midtown East, striking a building and leaving several people injured, according to initial reports.
Yesterday, a construction worker was killed after a malfunctioning crane crushed him to death in Midtown.
At least one person is dead after a construction accident at a building site in Midtown East today.
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