Craigslist killer

Mere hours after A&E aired a doc on the Long Island serial killer, a source in the Suffolk County police says they have found some items that may be related to missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert.
It has been ten months since police first found bodies of four sex workers on Long Island's Gilgo State Beach.
Families of the four slain prostitutes whose remains were found on a desolate strip of Gilgo Beach in Long Island gathered at the site yesterday for a vigil to remember the victims and to urge authorities to find their killer.
Officials have strongly denied that an NYPD officer, current or former, is under suspicion in the ongoing Long Island serial killer investigation.
While the police continue to sort out the links between the remains found on Gilgo Beach, the Post reports that the NYPD is treating two of their own as possible suspects.
As police try to connect one of the Gilgo bodies with a missing student, some are questioning if there really is more than serial killer working on Long Island.
Police are now "convinced" the four bodies found on Gilgo Beach last December are the work of one killer while the additional bodies found are the work of a different killer, or killers.
(dougtone's flickr) As Long Island police continue searching for more remains
The first set of bodies related to the Long Island serial
Police search through the brush near Jones Beach (AP) Police investigating
The hunt for the so-called Long Island Serial Killer is getting
The search for more bodies on Long Island expanded to Nassau
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