The vehicles had nearly 900 citations for traffic camera violations.
The city announced a crackdown plan on fireworks suppliers on Tuesday.
Since last fall, when the measles outbreak began, there have been 596 measles cases reported in NYC, with at least 42 people hospitalized and 12 who needed intensive care.
A rule issued by the DOT on Thursday seeks to clear up the confusion on who gets to zip around on an e-bike legally.
"We intend to take all of these things and just crush them."
Mayor's Office investigators will go after those who rent out whole apartments for less than a month.
"This should never happen..." he wrote in a letter to City Hall.
A sting operation found 13 bars in violation of the city's Smoke-Free Air Act.
Police are cracking down on pedestrians walking through Prospect Park's Parade Ground after dusk, despite the paucity of signage alerting visitors of the rules.
Restaurants could be fined $250!
For better or worse it is a little bit easier to walk on the west side of Broadway in SoHo right now.
Not even New Jersey is safe for mobile food vendors.
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