The bust was called "Operation Off Menu."
Police arrested 24 people in an early-morning raid over the weekend.
Prosecutors say they sold drugs in New England, and shot up people in the Bronx.
The bus then hit two parked cars... and a house.
One drug ring was run by the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang, prosecutors said.
Police began investigating drug sale activity after complaints about gang violence in the area.
De Blasio gave the only answer he could, which was "Nah, bro."
Some TV segments and PSAs on the crack epidemic in 1980s NYC.
A clerk at the Staten Island District Attorney's office traded information for drugs.
A crack dealer who prosecutors say acted as the "unofficial mayor" of Avenue D and picked up his drugs at a Midtown Starbucks was arrested Tuesday morning, along with 7 of his co-conspirators.
200 bags of crack were found inside an oven in a drug stash house in Brownsville yesterday during a raid that resulted in 14 arrests.
An argument about money allegedly precipitated the clash.
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