The law is named in memory of Briana Ojeda, an 11-year-old Carroll Gardens resident who suffered a fatal asthma attack in 2010.
An internal investigation into the NYPD's CPR classes is ongoing.
"Literally within a half hour of that testimony being made, Internal Affairs initiated [an] investigation."
The NYPD Harbor and Aviation Units staged a rescue by helicopter to aid a man having a heart attack on a barge just south of Breezy Point yesterday afternoon. There are dramatic videos of the operation:
A cop said, 'As soon as we pulled up, the baby gave a burp and it was just an amazing feeling.'
Knowing CPR is vital!
"What does black have to do with it?" the officer asks. "Are you black? I don't pay attention to race, I'm sorry."
In a very Brooklyn feel-good story a school teacher on her lunch break used her CPR skills to help save a woman suspected of overdosing on drugs—only to be thanked with the woman's middle finger.
Firefighters described rescuing the baby, who hadn't been breathing for over five minutes.
When some Bronx residents, who were waiting in line for government assistance next door, shouted "Fix our tickets!" the officers and supporters responded with a ugly chant of "E.B.T."
An 11-year-old boy was "completely blue and unresponsive" when a nurse
After a 32-year-old lawyer died of an aneurysm before paying for
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