"Over the last several decades coyotes have been expanding their natural range in response to ample food and open habitat," the Parks Department said.
Here are some tips on how to peacefully coexist with them.
'He followed us. I turned around and he was there.'
If a coyote approaches you, "make yourself look bigger by putting your arms up, and make loud noises until the coyote retreats."
A coyote is a rare sighting in Central Park, but not a surprising one.
No roadrunners were spotted in the vicinity.
The girl's mother kicked and punched the coyote, then an off-duty cop jumped in to help.
The 104th Precinct Tweeted, "He might have gotten away once but not today."
The police are on the scene. :(
The coyote was captured by the police this morning.
When we're seeing these coyote sightings, especially in Manhattan, is a coyote unfamiliar with the landscape, probably looking to set up a new territory.
Will he get a table at Kefi tonight?
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