The bovine has been apprehended after its brief highway sprint.
An NYPD spokesman told Gothamist the cow was last pinpointed somewhere in the 78th Precinct and is very close to Prospect Park.
Media outlets are livestreaming the cow as it barnstorms through Queens.
Freddie's fate looked bleak yesterday, but now he's going to a farm sanctuary in New Jersey.
Unfortunately, no moo-ricales are in sight for this little big guy.
Why God?
This baby calf will grow to 1,000 pounds!
"It was like Dodge City,. You had five police cars on one side of the street, five on the other and the 750-pound cow looking both ways."
Talk about milking a story for all it's worth: police captured a 400-pound runaway cow who has been on the lam for the past five months.
She's going up to that great barnyard in the sky...
Cows don't like to do anything when it's hot.
Would you eat a cow, and then wear its skin? Food
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