Covid landlord

“There's a sense of urgency and desperation that I’ve never seen before."
The building is partially owned by Alex Rodriguez and Barbara Corcoran.
"I’ve never seen such a lack of human compassion. It felt so insidious that people who are affluent in their community could rationalize this."
"You're the villain from a Dickens novel," one protester shouted.
The protest, coinciding with May Day, is believed to be the largest coordinated rent strike in nearly a century.
"Shouldn’t we know how many people died where we live?"
“What's happening is that millions of people can't pay rent, and we're trying to turn that into a moment of collective noncompliance."
They say his goal is to pressure already struggling tenants into signing away their protections under the Loft Law so that he can eventually convert their homes into market-rate units.
“The government is just not providing the help that most New Yorkers need right now.”
At a time when so many New Yorkers are racked with anxiety about their own survival, one major Manhattan landlord is finding new ways to profit from the escalating public health crisis.
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