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The bill aims to clamp down on prosecutors’ long-standing practice of using lyrics as proof that defendants are guilty of certain crimes.

In a letter to a judge, a Legal Aid staff attorney pointed out that the city’s homeless shelter count has in fact declined in recent weeks.

The abortion pill mifepristone will not be distributed by mail and will be available for less time during pregnancy .

Six states and Washington D.C. will receive a total $462 million to settle allegations that the company deliberately targeted minors in the promotion of its products.

Nearly 4,400 households have been evicted since a ban on most removals ended last year.

The announcement makes it increasingly hard for Justice Hector LaSalle to make it through the nomination process.

The case that threw state politics into a tailspin has been significantly downgraded.

Payton Gendron, 19, appeared before Judge Susan Eagan Monday morning.

Gov. Kathy Hochul has until Dec. 23 to put forward a nominee from list.

Family Legal Care has opened “tech hubs” in Brooklyn, Queens, and soon the Bronx.