New York Attorney General Tish James’ office is investigating the former president’s company over allegations that he exaggerated its value in financial statements. She moved to hold Trump in contempt earlier this month.
A judge’s order restricting defense attorney’s abilities to challenge withheld evidence has opened up a rift between Albany and the state court system.
As a result of the pandemic, nearly a third of the roughly 5,400 people currently held in city jails have been waiting more than a year for a trial.
"Over and over, we heard about the 'dehumanizing' and 'demeaning cattle-call culture' in these high-volume courts."
'Courts should be sanctuaries for justice, not hunting grounds for federal ICE agents to round up immigrants.'
Government lawyers are now appearing by video during certain immigration court hearings in New York City, because they claim it's too hard to travel across Lower Manhattan.
State lawmakers are seeking to ban Immigration and Customs Enforcement from arresting immigrants outside courthouses, but it’s unclear how much of a perimeter would be covered.
"The Court concludes that defendant's conduct, while reprehensible, does not violate any of the criminal statutes under which he is charged."
In one of those court cases that makes you love America, a judge yesterday ruled that a Vietnam vet and retired airline pilot who was arrested for flipping the bird at a cop can sue.
Topless activist Holly Van Voast (AKA the topless paparazzo Harvey Van Voast) had another successful day in court yesterday fighting for the right for women to show their boobs.
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