Courtney love

This audio of her isolated vocals is pretty bad BUT WHO CARES.
Remember how cool the idea of a Nirvana reunion sounded when you were a kid?
Citing new photographic evidence, Seattle police have "reexamined" the case surrounding Kurt Cobain's death.
Listen to Courtney talk about chanting and stage diving.
Is Hole reuniting, like, for real?
Courtney Love's iPhone tells us about its brief taste of freedom.
I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Courtney Love, here's the transcription.
And she covered Fleetwood Mac and all we got are these 6-second Vines.
Courtney Love tried to find a new bassist on Craigslist, just like your friend's friend's band.
Courtney Love has some new songs coming out, and a short summer tour with plenty of New York shows.
Or: Courtney Love drops the N-bomb at Sundance.
Courtney Love's co-manager says that he's working with Courtney Love "on a possible Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue."
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