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"He came at me like a bull. I think if I didn’t run away, he would kill me."
The NYPD also argues that it isn't responsible to train officers to not commit sexual assaults.
The officer is suing the rape victim for $2 million for damaging his "good name and reputation."
The woman is seeking $3 million from the city for Lt. Adam Lamboy and Detective Lucasz Skorzewski's "gross and repugnant dereliction" of duty in handling her case.
"What the detective did was immoral, certainly," a police source said. "It was wrong. But it wasn't criminal."
"God forbid he did this to someone more vulnerable than I am," she said. "It could end in a suicide."
An NYPD detective is still on the job after being accused of making sexual advances on a rape victim during an investigation.
We compared what the NYPD showed us at their stop and frisk demonstration yesterday with actual stop and frisks documented on YouTube. In real life, civil liberties get infringed a tad differently.
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