Court of appeals

The original date was June 28. The order came after the Court of Appeals threw out New York’s congressional and state senate redistricting maps.
While some could not believe speculation that she killed herself, a friend said Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam was struggling with pressure.
The decision ends an 11-year lawsuit by the family of a young boy struck on a notorious Brooklyn street by a speeding, unlicensed driver.
So long as the cussing doesn't become a "potential or immediate public problem."
The line between annoyance and harassment is a thin one indeed, only now, one of those things is perfectly acceptable behavior in the eyes of the law.
NYC wants the Court of Appeals to expedite the appeal.
We can only hope that the Albany-area nightclub will take this fight to the Supreme Court.
Gowanus artist Margaret Maugenest hasn't paid rent for the loft she lives and works in since 2003—and yesterday the Court of Appeals said her landlord can't evict her for it.
"The Rent Is..." The NY State Court of Appeals has decided
On a day when President Obama signed the Don't Ask Don't
It's a New Year's miracle! After being unable to rent vacant
In a 4-3 decision, New York State's highest court rejected a
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