After the attacks, the NYPD moved rapidly to develop its own global intelligence and counterterrorism capabilities.
After spying in mosques for two years, an undocumented immigrant decided he’s had enough. Now he risks deportation.
"The more we see them up there, the more our fear level grows," NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan told the Wall Street Journal, of drones.
An improvised explosive device detonated on a train car in southwest London on Friday morning, injuring 22.
Leave your selfie sticks and tennis rackets at home.
There's no known threat to NYC at this time.
"We are not aware of any threat at this time we deem credible to this event in Times Square," NYPD Commissioner Bratton said. But some 6,000 cops will patrol in and around Times Square anyway.
The NYPD says there's no known threat to NYC.
"He got a selfie. And if one of our scooters or walking officers had gone by, he also would have gotten a collar."
His finalized budget calls for hiring 1,300, 300 more than were requested.
He won't be the new spokesman.
The feds just want everyone to be vigilant, okay?
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