Costumed characters

Three men dressed as the Grinch, Spiderman, and Captain Marvel were busted in Rockefeller Center on Thursday, police said.
Petition to mandate the Keanu Arm at the crossroads of the world.
A slightly roomier 10' x 50'. Enjoy your designated activity!
Next week, the Department of Transportation will educate the Times Square characters about the zones.
"We need to put the teeth in," Council Member King said.
"At the end of the day, if you're working for for tips, there's always room to be aggressive, no matter where you're standing."
"The [tourist] was the aggressor. We are not the bad apples," said Batman.
A new bill would allow the DOT to regulate pedestrian plazas and restrict costumed characters and desnudas to designated "activity zones."
These are the fifth and sixth such reported arrests in the past week.
He's sued for wrongful arrest twice in the past, and now he plans to SUE AGAIN.
Vader once again escaped charges for illegal carbon freezing.
"It sounds like they think they're getting a handle on the problem, but I think it's a little more slippery than they think," one prominent civil rights lawyer opines.
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