From Schitt's Creek to the Staten Island Ferry, here are all the creative costumes from this year's big Halloween dog parade.
You knew it was coming.
Dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is truly disturbing. And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.
Police are looking for a Halloween bank robber who got dressed up for the occasion.
The Statue of Liberty is selling out this Halloween.
Do you think Banksy wears a black mask and t-shirt with his own artwork on it?
Not that this means you SHOULD be.
Sesame Workshop wants all of the unauthorized Big Bird costumes off the market... especially the slutty ones.
Chipotle is really taking this "locally-sourced food" thing to the next level, but hey, a two dollar burrito is nothing to sneeze at.
Heidi Klum is looking awfully thin these days.
Lady Gaga may be one of the most powerful women according
Photo via's flickr It's almost Halloween, which means it's time
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