Cost of living

Everything's expensive.
If you plan procreating, now might be a good time to trade in your MetroCard for a Ford Explorer.
Making $37,064 in New York actually "feels like" making $28,799, when you account for our cost-of-living.
Breaking news from the Council for Community and Economic Research!
It's not just your imagination; like everything else in this town, freaking electricity costs more than pretty much anywhere else in America. But it's so much cooler.
Those buzzkills at CNNMoney created a Google Map that shows what
While most city agencies have been asked to cut 8 percent
The City Council will give 550 council aides and central staffers
The NY Sun has an alarming headline today: "40,000 New Yorkers Flee
Charitable food banks are also suffering from the recent increases in the
Responding to the siren call of higher salaries and a lower cost
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