The NYPD helpfully informed everyone that COST drives a Porsche Cayenne.
"He's the greatest living graffiti artist," says Jake Dobkin.
Irene will likely prove to be one of the ten costliest catastrophes in American history, and partisan fights have already broken out over how NY will pay for over $1 billion in damage.
McDonald's, your place for oatmeal and lattes... and maybe street art.
The newspaper box that was adorned by graffiti artist COST for
Photo by Luna Park Last week a newspaper box was up
Photo by Luna Park In November "The Community Serviced" show opened
In an interview yesterday, the now 74-year-old Woody Allen was asked
Photos by Jake Dobkin (L) and Vanishing NY (R) Last year
Just when you thought developer Bruce Ratner was about to turn
Via Slice A few weeks ago the price of a slice
In March, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will wipe the flop sweat
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