Correction officer

They admitted accepting thousands of dollars in exchange for smuggling cell phones and narcotics.
Surveillance footage reportedly shows a man going up to her car and firing multiple times.
They each face up to 15 years in prison on the top charge alone.
"It was like a corner drug operation, but far more lucrative."
He allegedly took her into his bedroom and pulled down her jeans and underwear.
This is part of the mayor's 14-point plan to reduce overall violence at the troubled jail.
Two active, off-duty correction officers are being questioned.
An off-duty corrections officer allegedly began waving his gun at an Irish Pub in Inwood when the bar owner declined to give him a free Coors Lite—a $4.50 value!
Eddie Colon, 49, has been accused of raping his wife's 31-year-old relative in a Bed-Stuy building he owns and she lives in.
An off-duty correction officer was arrested for allegedly raping a woman at gunpoint in Brooklyn early this morning.
An off-duty corrections officer shot and wounded a man "with mental problems" at a McDonald's in East Flatbush this afternoon: "The guy came in and was looking to fight anyone he could find."
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