Correction department

She lost four vacation days last year for failing to intervene in a different incident.
Following New York’s repeal of 50-a law barring release of uniformed officer personnel records, Department of Correction files show 11 officers were disciplined for at least three confirmed misconduct incidents over an 18-month period.
"These are humans, and they’re basically being treated like they’re toxic waste, like they’re radioactive."
'Sexual assault is not supposed to be part of his punishment. Not for him, not for any prisoners, including those who are afraid to speak up or give up after filing a first report.'
'For anybody to propose that this is going to be a beneficial thing for a community that has, once again, been oppressed and marginalized has no clue about what's been happening historically in the South Bronx.'
'If you’re spending 21 minutes calling in the morning and then again at night, that’s three dollars a day.'
The Correction Officers still have their jobs, and the City has declined to provide them representation.
"Correction Officer 7 masturbated while watching a woman sleep in her cell and ejaculated on the sheets of her bed."
“Don’t bother me unless someone is dead."
The undercover officer carried the contraband in the pockets of his cargo pants.
Commissioner Ponte, who speaks in a thick Boston accent, testified that "life [on Rikers] for 16 and 17-year-olds is different today than it was six months ago."
"I stood on my bed, with a sheet looped around my neck into a noose. They [the officers] told me to jump. They told me to jump three times."
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