Corpse flower

The Amorphophallus titanum started blooming on Thursday afternoon and will be visible—and smelly—all Friday.
'The chemical composition of the flower is actually similar to a number of terrible odors all mixed together from rotting fish to limburger cheese.'
Should the smelly corpse flower be the official flower of NYC summers?
This one minute timelapse is worth watching til the very end. Wait for it...
The NYBG has announced their new corpse flower has opened up, and is emitting its rotten smell.
The flower will only bloom for a day or two.
"It reminds me of that mouse lying in our garden."
"It's a real botanical oddity that most people don't even know exist much less have an opportunity to see one in person."
The corpse flower is finally in bloom at the NYBG... first one there since the 1930s!
There is something beautiful about crowds of people looking for an Instagram-worthy photograph of a flower that smells like rotting flesh.
"A fleeting spectacle of size, color, and odor unlike any other in the plant kingdom."
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