In a shocking video, a man identified as the car's driver stands near the fiery wreckage and asks a cabbie for a ride, then gets into car and drives away.
The car was parked facing the wrong direction in the center lane of the highway.
The house's former super is reportedly a person of interest.
Rita Wolfensohn, who is a legally blind hoarder, may not have known her son's corpse was there.
Police discovered this week that a Brooklyn woman had been living with the corpse of her deceased adult son for years.
There have been eight domestic abuse homicides in Staten Island this year to date.
He shaved his head in an effort to evade the authorities.
This happened in Mariners Harbor this morning.
A grieving family saying good-bye to police officer who passed away
Caroline Wimmer The former emergency medical technician who took a photograph
The body of a 105-year-old woman has reportedly been kept on
Not even the sweet release of death can liberate you from
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