Coronavirus reopening

The shutdown is pretty much scrapped. But the pandemic still isn’t over.
As NYC nears an "orange zone" designation, the mayor laid out a phased approach to reopen schools.
Indoor pools will be allowed to reopen on September 30th at 33% capacity.
"With few undergraduate students living on campus, we have decided that all undergraduate courses will be virtual," the university president said.
In an email sent last week, Columbia said it was conditioning the payment of teaching on the return to the U.S. “to avoid jeopardizing international students’ visa status."
A survey that ended Friday showed that only 26% of families wanted to enroll their children exclusively in online learning.
At a virtual town hall for parents on Tuesday, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said the financial situation was dire.
“We will be safer in class than in grocery stores," a Columbia official asserted in an email.
"The data is telling us 'yes' right now," de Blasio said.
The Met is planning to reopen on August 29th with new social distancing guidelines in place, and the New-York Historical Society will have an outdoor exhibit starting August 14th.
Last month, Columbia and New York University said in-person classes could occur as early as the fall with safety measures in place, including reduced density.
The program would offer restaurants up to $30,000 to pay for salaries.
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